Summer…y of Events

Here is a quick post to catch up.  We have each had a busy summer with varied trips and projects.

Fine Spirits was honored to sing “The Star Spangled Banner” and “God Bless America” at the Westin Galleria Dallas, to open the spring conference for  The Construction Owners Association of America (COAA). Our thanks to Lisa DeGolyer and the COAA for their patriotism.

Ted & Chris were smart to get some projects around home done early in the season, beating the heat as much as possible.  Ted installed laminate flooring throughout most of his house, while Chris did some stonework/landscaping for the yard. Ted and Allyson are also expecting!  We can’t wait till their little singer arrives in the fall.

Pete and his son took a trip to the Boy Scout High Adventure camp, Sea Base, in the Florida Keys.  He also spent July 4th in Southwest Arizona and enjoyed a high school reunion in Plattsburgh NY.

Carl put a nice book end on his summer.  He and Maria just returned from a wonderful trip to Greece, Crete and a few other island hops.  They avoided the Texas 100+ degree days…to boot!  Amid all the activity, Fine Spirits got together when we could to work on some new arrangements for the fall.  We are still polishing and hope you will like them as much as we do.

We wish you all well as summer winds down and  shifts into autumn.


 Fine Spirits singing our National Anthem for the Construction Owners Association of America
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Return to Spoons Cafe

Fine Spirits Doo-wop

Fine Spirits singing at Spoons
Photo by Eric Ericson

Carl and Pete at Spoons
Carl and Pete of Fine Spirits enjoying the atmosphere at Spoons

Spoons Cafe

Thursday night was another perfect moment for us. We arrived at Spoons around 7:15, and we listened to some great music and enjoyed excellent food. The Ham it Up on sourdough was especially good.

There were some very talented artists, and it was nice to hear Kate singing again. Then we were asked to come up to the mic.

We started with “Longest Time” by Billy Joel. It included some of our own hamming it up, courtesy of, as usual, our tenor. The crowd ate it up.

Then we followed with Tom Lehrer’s “Poisoning Pigeons in the Park”, which got some laughs. Next, it was “Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison, and finally, “It’s Alright” by Curtis Mayfield. We had no trouble getting people to clap their hands, especially when the song comes right out and tells you to. The space limitations prevented more of our choreography, but we did what we could.

It looks like we’ll be returning soon for a command performance. The audience is always great, and next time maybe I will have some cake.