Fans, you asked for it. Now it’s here.

Happy Hour is now available on iTunes. Click the link below to listen to clips and purchase singles or the entire album online.

4 thoughts on “Recordings

  1. Jann M. Shambo says:

    OK, we’re fans!!!!!! Waiting for the next gig and would be interested in a CD so get working on it!! We’d also love it if you’d make a trip to Plattsburgh, NY – love to hear you in person! Thank you for sharing your considerable talents.

  2. Meagan Stanton Fahey says:

    You guys are awesome!!!! Rock it Shambo and friends! 🙂 I have really great memories of Pete belting out in song during our years at Fordham and I love to hear that he is sharing the love… smiles all around…

  3. Jean Kloska says:

    For those of you who graduated from UHS in the 70″s you’ll recognize Carl Reinelt, now a resident of TX, in this group. I have to say, this homespun quartet sounds great !!! They’re showing broad ability to cover a good range in music style and are blending smoothly. I enjoyed the varied ‘delivery style’ on old favorites!

  4. Cindy says:

    I haven’t heard music like this in a long time! Beautiful! Looking forward to you doing a gig in Tampa Area sometime. How bout it guys??

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