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Who Was That Masked Man??

The baseball dudes doing baseball-dude things, LOL!

Strange things were afoot last night at the AirHogs game.

I don’t mean that Fine Spirits gave a rousing performance. That’s not so strange at all.

I don’t mean that the AirHogs won the game. That’s not so strange either. They’ve been on a real winning streak lately.

What was strange (in a magical, how-cool-is-that kinda way) is that, after the game, when the guys broke into “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” for Chris’ Dad, David, as an early Father’s Day tribute, a passer-by stopped and inquired about the singing. And, as it turns out, he had sung in a barbershop quartet before, himself.

And, right there, outside the stadium, he and the guys sang, “My Wild Irish Rose.”

Together. Five instead of the usual four.

Just like that!

One song and then he was gone…

Sayyy, who was that masked man?