About Fine Spirits


People ask us a lot, “How did you guys meet?”

Carl, Pete, and Chris began by singing together in church choir. We started performing under the name “Fine Spirits” a few years ago, and we’ve appeared in Dallas, McKinney, Frisco, Grand Prairie and other North Texas locations. Ted began singing with the group in 2013 after one of our founding members, Kelly, took on a new musical pursuit with Vocal Majority.

We perform music from many genres, namely doo-wop, spiritual, pop, jazz, and traditional barbershop. It’s always A Cappella, without instrumental accompaniment, and we sometimes incorporate humor and narrative to tell a story.

In 2014, Fine Spirits released our first album, “Happy Hour“, and celebrated with an album release party at Café Malaga.

We have performed locally at Galas for Habitat for Humanity & Bella House, entertained at Hugs Café, provided the National Anthem for the Allen Americans hockey team, shared the stage with Notably North Texas at their Christmas show, and serenaded Starbucks patrons with holiday tunes.

We were honored to provide backup vocals for a song on our friend, Jeannie C Fisher’s album, “Beginnings & Endings” (track #5 is our favorite 🙂 )

We love collaborating with other artists and we look forward to singing for your establishment or event!

You can purchase a copy of “Happy Hour” by following the link below:

Happy Hour

To find out more, or to book an engagement, contact:


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