A Ballad for Bella House Babies

The “silent” auction for the Bella House Banquet was anything but…Fine Spirits provided music to bid by.  Later we entertained over 200 guests through the dinner hour. We sang a variety of pieces, with something for everyone.  We dedicated two special songs to the volunteers, mothers and babies of this special house. “Mary Had a Baby” and “Sing Your Way Home” carry beautiful messages around the themes of motherhood and home.   In the photo above, we stepped away from the stage to serenade the new mothers and babies with a rendition of “Sweet Roses (and Rosebuds) of Morn“.


One thought on “A Ballad for Bella House Babies

  1. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that Fine Spirits did to make The Bella House 5th Annual Banquet a success. Not only did you provide top-notch entertainment to our guests, you helped in so many other ways, including providing sound equipment for the entire program and taking charge of getting our program video shown. You also increased excitement regarding our auction and encouraged the bidding.

    It’s all about increasing awareness and funding for moms who choose life for their babies, and the Annual Banquet is our main vehicle for doing that. Your help was instrumental to our success and we cannot thank you enough!!

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