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We’re on iTunes!

image001“Happy Hour” Album Now Available On iTunes And Amazon Digital Music

As you know, our first CD, “Happy Hour” went on sale in April. To get your hands on a hard copy, attend one of our events, talk to one of us, or order online here.

But, if you’re more digitally inclined, your iPod need wait no longer. Happy Hour is now available in MP3 format!

The whole album is available for purchase for $9.99 on iTunes or $8.99 on Amazon. If you’re only crazy about “That Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” if you only want to “Love The One You’re With,” or if “It’s All Right” that you only have one song or two, your favorite ditty can be downloaded individually for $0.99 each. Samples of each song are available for a listen at both the iTunes and Amazon links below.

Buy “Happy Hour” at iTunes

Buy “Happy Hour” MP3 at Amazon Digital Music