Upcoming Photo Shoot

We are getting ready for a professional-looking portrait of our group. To get some ideas, I looked up other groups’ pictures.
Here are some examples (a search on Flickr produced several good results).
Jerusalem Quartet:
Jerusalem Quartet

Kryptos Quartet:
Kryptos Quartet

Thistle Scottish Sax Quartet:
The Thistle Scottish Sax Quartet

I believe these are the Delta Daddy-O’s, known to perform in Disneyland:

While it is not universally true, most groups have one thing in common: uniformity in appearance. They appear in nearly identical outfits, and the standard for men appears to be suit and tie. However, as you may notice, none of the men in the above groups are sporting ties. The Delta Daddy-O’s aren’t wearing the same color, but they make appearances in other parts of Disneyland in different attire.

After looking through hundreds of photos of musical groups of all genres, I realized we need to update our image, or at least produce one to start with. Should we go formal? Tie or no tie? How about a jacket and t-shirt look? We have a somewhat limited wardrobe. But that’s not too much of a problem. I’ve also got ideas for locations, mainly in and around the McKinney Square, but I would like to try other places like Dallas and Fort Worth.

Feel free to tell what you think. We are open to suggestions. And keep checking back to see the finished product.


One thought on “Upcoming Photo Shoot

  1. plasticjones says:

    I think we outdid these portraits today, of course with the help of a friend.

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