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Return to Spoons Cafe

Fine Spirits Doo-wop

Fine Spirits singing at Spoons
Photo by Eric Ericson

Carl and Pete at Spoons
Carl and Pete of Fine Spirits enjoying the atmosphere at Spoons

Spoons Cafe

Thursday night was another perfect moment for us. We arrived at Spoons around 7:15, and we listened to some great music and enjoyed excellent food. The Ham it Up on sourdough was especially good.

There were some very talented artists, and it was nice to hear Kate singing again. Then we were asked to come up to the mic.

We started with “Longest Time” by Billy Joel. It included some of our own hamming it up, courtesy of, as usual, our tenor. The crowd ate it up.

Then we followed with Tom Lehrer’s “Poisoning Pigeons in the Park”, which got some laughs. Next, it was “Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison, and finally, “It’s Alright” by Curtis Mayfield. We had no trouble getting people to clap their hands, especially when the song comes right out and tells you to. The space limitations prevented more of our choreography, but we did what we could.

It looks like we’ll be returning soon for a command performance. The audience is always great, and next time maybe I will have some cake.


Upcoming Photo Shoot

We are getting ready for a professional-looking portrait of our group. To get some ideas, I looked up other groups’ pictures.
Here are some examples (a search on Flickr produced several good results).
Jerusalem Quartet:
Jerusalem Quartet

Kryptos Quartet:
Kryptos Quartet

Thistle Scottish Sax Quartet:
The Thistle Scottish Sax Quartet

I believe these are the Delta Daddy-O’s, known to perform in Disneyland:

While it is not universally true, most groups have one thing in common: uniformity in appearance. They appear in nearly identical outfits, and the standard for men appears to be suit and tie. However, as you may notice, none of the men in the above groups are sporting ties. The Delta Daddy-O’s aren’t wearing the same color, but they make appearances in other parts of Disneyland in different attire.

After looking through hundreds of photos of musical groups of all genres, I realized we need to update our image, or at least produce one to start with. Should we go formal? Tie or no tie? How about a jacket and t-shirt look? We have a somewhat limited wardrobe. But that’s not too much of a problem. I’ve also got ideas for locations, mainly in and around the McKinney Square, but I would like to try other places like Dallas and Fort Worth.

Feel free to tell what you think. We are open to suggestions. And keep checking back to see the finished product.

“Open Mic”

Thursday night at Spoons Cafe on the Square
Photo by Eric Ericson

Spoons Cafe

Fine Spirits

Fine Spirits at Spoons Cafe

Pete singing harmony on "Stand By Me"
Pete got up to sing harmony on “Stand By Me”, if memory serves. Thanks for the sound check, Pete.

Last Thursday night, after singing the National Anthem at Lone Star Park in Grand Prairie, we decided to pay a visit to Spoons Cafe in Downtown McKinney.

Thursday night is “open mic” at Spoons, and we’d been entertaining the idea of paying a visit and singing a few numbers. We ordered dinner and listened to the acts who entertained the small crowd. There is a lot of really good talent in the young people around our community. These kids are pretty gifted.

Pete got up to sing harmony on a couple pieces, like “Stand By Me”. It was a pretty relaxed environment, and everyone was having a good time. Spoons is on the corner of Louisiana and Tennessee in Downtown McKinney, the square. The atmosphere is very laid back, but the Groto a few doors down sounded a bit more energetic.

The food was very good, and the $2 margaritas hit the spot. After a few minutes, we went up to the mic. We immediately went into “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” written by Freddie Mercury, followed by “When I’m Sixty-Four” written by Paul McCartney, and finally, “Under the Boardwalk” co-written by Kenny Young and Arthur Resnick.

Local artists performing at Spoons

A singer/songwriter named Kate performs her original songs at Spoons

A young jazz pianist playing Dave Brubeck.

We had a great time, and we’re looking forward to returning in a couple weeks. We’re also looking forward to seeing more talented performers like these kids.

“Star-Spangled Banner” at Lone Star Park 17 May 2012

Fine Spirits singing the National Anthem on May 17th at Lone Star Park in Grand Prairie, Texas

Singing at Lone Star Park

Getting Ready to Sing

Just taking a moment before going on.

National Anthem 17 May

National Anthem 17 May

Fine Spirits singing the “Star-Spangled Banner” on 17 May at Lone Star Park

Fine Spirits

Fine Spirits

Fine Spirits

A Day at the Races

Thursday, May 17, we’re going to sing the National Anthem again at Lone Star Park in Grand Prairie. We were there for opening day last month, and they asked us to return. We were happy to accept.

The race track is an exciting place. Many people come just to watch the races. Of course, many enjoy the wagering. And some simply love to watch the horses parade in from the Saddling Paddock. The park is really impressive, and the grounds are clean and well-maintained.

We’ll be performing at 6:05 PM. It’s going to be a beautiful evening, and we’re really looking forward to it.

Many thanks to the Lone Star Park staff, especially Holly Hart for welcoming us back.